About me

I have an insatiable lust for life! I am obsessed with world travel, healthy living, big belly laughs, hugging trees, experiencing adventures of all kinds, growing businesses, delighting in my teenagers, and pushing the envelope to walk courageously into the unknown.

Cancer, or as I like to call it “unnecessary abundant cells,” has been the time of my life. I decided that I was going to use my diagnosis to:

  • Orient to joy and lust for life
  • Connect to the deepest parts of myself
  • Trust the constant presence and support of Spirit in my life

From this space, I consciously designed my ‘healing love fest’ from beginning to end. I took ownership over all of the components of my treatment, choosing the best doctors for me, incorporating allopathic and alternative treatments, creating my support team, adapting the appropriate diet, getting mental, emotional and spiritual support, and attracting “Magicals.” (magical, mystical experiences) into my life.

As a long time personal transformation coach I certainly had a leg up in terms of my tool kit, but I could have never predicted the delight I experienced on this awe filled journey as I underwent profound transformation.

Having experienced the challenges and thrills of stage IV cancer first hand I am dedicated to empowering individuals to operate from curiosity, purpose and deliberate choice to live in joy and hope, and actualizing their highest life quality.