How I Can Help


“You have cancer.”  If those three words won’t make your head spin, I don’t know what will. Fear and anxiety are a normal reaction to your diagnosis. As your partner on this path I will work with you not only to calm your fears and worries, but to actually transform them into hope and proactive action.

You are an individual with cancer and every case is different.

I am here to help you design your cancer experience. Just as each person is totally unique, so is the root cause of your cancer. And so, too, should be your healing journey. Together, we will assemble the best treatment plan for you, including everything from your guiding principles and vision, your lifestyle, your support team, and your medical team. My goal is to help you radically heal and transform the parts of your life that are creating dis-ease and preventing you from achieving your highest vision of yourself.

I believe it is vital to release traumas and suppressed emotions so that your physical healing is fully supported. In this way, the whole being is treated, not just an agglomeration of cancer cells gone rogue.

I’m not your typical coach. I will ask you to plunge into the unknown headfirst. Together, we will unearth the limitations of your current assumptions about reality and refocus your energy towards ownership of a new, deliberate creation of your life. In the legacy of Einstein, I believe that you can’t use the same thinking that got you sick to bring you back to health.

To help you get a sense of whether I’m the right coach for you, I asked my clients to share their experience of what it’s like to work with me. Here’s what they had to say:  

“Kirsten is a sage, a wild wonder woman, a healer and teacher, not just a coach. She has the ability to cut through the fat with love in a hot second. She is a warrior, and an inspiration on so many levels. Kirsten delivers truth with compassion, wisdom with humor and makes all the “crazy” laughable and yet full of lessons. She gleans the best in me, and shines light on my darkness. She makes me better, gives me confidence to go for what I want, be who I am and live the life of my dreams.”  – JZ

“Kirsten Zoub has a unique blend of masculine and feminine Power. On the masculine side, Kirsten loves to see results, to see major growth and goals met. She loves challenging people and supporting them rise to the challenge. She’s direct, she’s honest, and she says the tough things that need to be said.On the feminine side she sees, hears and intuitively senses where people are at and who they truly are. She speaks to that person which empowers them to live into a new vision for themselves. Kirsten is creative, ferocious and kind. You definitely want Kirsten on your side.”  JS